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Full Review for Delta Dora Toddler Beds

Delta Dora beds

Dora toddler beds capture that spirit of adventure that is ideal for a growing girl or boy Based on the globe-trotting cartoon character that is adored by the toddler girls of today toddler beds based on Dora the explorer theme have turned out to become a huge success in the stores.

There are a number of companies that have released their own version of Dora-themed toddler beds. The top-notch toddler beds based on this theme are as follows.

Dora the Explorer Toddler Bed by Delta

Amongst the most well-renowned companies involved in the production of children’s products is Delta. The Dora toddler bed by the company takes the cake as it combines two of the most loved items by toddler girls. The one is the theme of the cartoon character and the other is the canopy style construction of the bed which is something that toddlers love.

The bed has been constructed in fine plastic that has been colored pink and purple. The headboard and footboard feature images of Dora. The pink canopy with images from the cartoon is supported by metal poles that keep the whole bed intact. The canopy covering provides a sense of security to children going through this important transitional phase. When the canopy style is combined with a popular theme such as Dora the explorer then you have a toddler bed that is bound to be a huge success. What’s best about Delta’s version of the bed is that it provides you the ultimate design and durability at a reasonable price which is $109.99 only.

Dora theme bed by Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon has long been on top of the mountain when it comes to children’s products. The company has branched out in numerous directions with their production out of which one is toddler bed manufacturing. Renowned for their high quality and innovative products the company has released their Dora the explorer toddler bed into the market which has received quite a warm welcome by little toddlers who are fans of the globetrotting explorer.

Made from durable molded plastic the bed is sturdy and will last for years at the price of $129.99. The bed features high-quality furniture styling and has security rails that can easily be removed once your toddler is old enough to sleep without them. The bed is supported with a center leg for the overactive baby but the height of the bed has been purposely kept low so as to make getting in and out easy on the baby. The attractive colors and the unique design feature images of the Dora on the footboard as well as the headboard.

Dora kids furniture set

If you want to go all out with the Dora theme then you can get your hands on a complete furniture set based on the theme for your baby girl. This will include a toddler bed featuring the character along with an organizer shelf, a table, and two chairs carrying the same theme. Such a set makes the entire room into an adventure zone that your child will never want to leave. You can also get your hands on bedding sets centered on the same theme.

We’ve searched all the major retailers to bring you the best prices. Below you’ll see a variety of Dora themed toddler beds & bedding sheets. To see a bigger product picture and get more detailed info just click on any of the images below.

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