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Best Low Bunk Beds For Kids in

Best Low Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk beds are a quintessential child’s dream bed. With one bunk for sleeping and one for either a friend sleeping over or storage, they are versatile and full of potential. Depending on the bed that you get, they can be adapted and changed as your child grows which will save you money in the long run. When it comes to getting your toddler to sleep, where they sleep is just as important as when. A toddler that is comfortable will get to sleep a lot quicker and easier. This will make nights a lot smoother for everyone involved. Our beds can also provide a space for them to relax and enjoy themselves, truly integrating them into their room as fully as possible. 

Here at Cool Toddler Beds, we have a range of high quality and varied beds to suit both your child’s preferences and your need for safety and comfort. This is a short guide in the form of an article to help you make a decision on what low bunk bed to buy for your toddler in 2021. We discuss the overall construction of the bed, the dimensions, and the features that will make it appeal. Each bed has its own individual character, just like your child.

Product 1 – Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With Slide and Ladder

This low bunk design is modern and stylish while also being safe. Ideal for use in small spaces, it is durable and easy to construct, although an extra pair of hands will never go amiss. The slide and ladder definitely add a fun element when it comes to waking up in the morning, meaning that you can lessen the association between bed and boredom easily. Have them as eager to go to sleep as they are to start the day. The ladder has rounded edges to make the climb more comfortable on bare feet and on top of that, the slide and ladder are interchangeable so then you can adjust the bed to the space available. With a height of 50”, width of 42” and length of 80” and with white and gray available for the colors, this bed is compact, secure and safe. The only downside is that due to it being made of wood, it can be a little heavy and cumbersome to maneuver. It is better to figure out where you want it and to assemble it more or less on the spot rather than putting it together elsewhere and having to move it.


  • Material: pine wood.
  • Ladder with rounded edges.
  • Vertical slats.
  • Space-saving design.

Product 2 – Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With Two Drawers and Two Storage

If there is one thing that makes bunk beds handy, it’s the option for storage. This bed has that in spades.  Made completely of high quality pine wood and MDF, it is sturdy and versatile. The horizontal slats mean that there is no need for creaky mattress bed springs – just put your mattress down (not included), add your child’s favorite bed linens and settle them down for a safe, quiet night’s sleep. With two drawers underneath the bed and two spaces for storage to either side of said drawers as well, there is room galore for boxes, toys and more depending on what works best according to your needs. With a height of 65.7”, width of 42.7” and length of 79.7”, this low bunk bed also comes with a 12” guard rail on the top bunk so then if your child chooses to sleep elevated, you can sleep peaceful knowing that they are safe. If they prefer to sleep on the bottom bunk? Why not use the top bunk to store their cuddly toys? The possibilities are endless.


  • Material: pine wood and MDF.
  • Two underbed drawers and two storage compartments.

Product 3 – Full Over Full Wood Bunk Bed With Roof, Guardrail, Window and Ladder

For kids that like a little more adventure in their room, this bed is ideal. Like an old wooden adventure playground or a castle, this pine frame bed comes with a roof, semi-enclosed play space on the upper bunk and guard rails. It almost looks like a fortress or even a castle. With a wobble-free three-step ladder and good air circulation, this low bunk bed is playhouse-inspired and durable. While it comes in either gray or antique gray, there is nothing stopping you from painting it whatever color you like to match the room. Sturdy and stable, an extra pair of hands is suggested to put it together and for extra comfort, you may want to attach padding to the partial roof and double-check that everything is sanded down so then there are no loose or sharp edges. Coming in 3 packages to accommodate the 78.7” in length, 56.2” in width and 85.5” in height that makes up the total dimensions of the bed, it’ll take some help putting together but with clear instructions and hardware provided, this playful bunk bed is bound to inspire the imagination when both awake and asleep.


  • Playhouse-inspired.
  • Guardrails for safety.
  • Natural wood grain.

Product 4 – Twin L-Shaped Bunk Bed With Trundle

For reference when looking for that ideal bunk bed, mission-style refers to a style that is simplistic, linear and with an emphasis on vertical and linear lines. Durable and versatile all in one, this bunk bed can be separated into two separate beds as your child grows or to adapt to the room better. With no bed springs required, the slats mean that the mattress is comfortably supported without the risk of squeaks and creaks. Each bed is 76” long and 39” in width. The height total is 63”. With a clean silhouette and a functional guardrail, headboard and footboard, it is versatile and sturdy. It comes in a range of colors: espresso, gray and white. That said, as with all of our beds and the wood ones in particular there is nothing stopping you from painting it the color that you want to match the décor of the room.


  • L-shaped beds that can be separated.
  • Guardrail, headboard and footboard.
  • No bed springs required.
  • Material: pine.

Product 5 – Metal Bunk Bed With Slide / Twin Over Twin

Simple to assemble and made from metal, this metal bunk bed has a streamlined design. The metal minimizes the difficult climbing particularly when paired with the inclined ladder and the slide increases the fun. Pairing both style and function in an optimal manner, this bed comes in either black or white which can easily match just about any room aesthetic.  This metal bunk bed will last through the years to come as your child grows, resulting in high value for money as there’ll be no need to continually keep on buying new beds as your child grows older.


  • Streamlined frame.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Material: metal.

We’ve tested all of the beds above to be able to write this guide.  When considering what type of bunk bed to get for your toddler, you should first determine the space available. Between the top bunk and the ceiling, there should be 2 foot minimum in terms of headroom. You should also consider how the bed will change as they grow older and the floor space around it. A simple bunk bed with a vertical ladder is one thing but a bunk bed with both a ladder and a slide takes up considerably more space.

When it comes to the material that the bed is made from, the two most common options are various types of wood and metal. Wood is cumbersome when it comes to putting things together but, at the same time, it is durable. In short, it lasts. The only downside of wood is that it can come with rough edges that may need to be sanded down. Another detractor of wood in the case of our beds is that it is measured manually. This means that there may be a small error margin when putting it together. This can easily be fixed by padding any gaps with filler but this is still something to bear in mind when purchasing and constructing.

Metal is minimalist and has a sleek look to it but its coldness to the touch and propensity to creak as it ages is a detractor. However, it doesn’t risk splintering and is considerably durable – no matter how much roughhousing and damage it takes, it will withstand your child’s growth and play for years to come.

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Whatever your needs and preferences, when it comes to buying a low bunk bed for your toddler, Cool Toddler Beds has got you covered.