Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I cancel an order?
Whether an order can be canceled/changed depends on the status of the order and the operation time. See below for detail:

When the order status is “On Hold”, the order can be canceled/modified through the platform directly.

2. How do I request a shipment stoppage?
When an order has been processed for shipping by the warehouse, but it hasn’t left the warehouse yet, you can try to request a shipment stoppage via the support email([email protected]). We cannot promise the request will succeed. For a successful shipment stoppage, we will charge $30 per package. If the shipment stoppage fails then there’s no charge, but the Customer need responsible for any loss resulted.

3. If a package has been shipped out can I still get it back?
Before the shipment arrives at its destination, the buyer can request package reroute. We cannot promise the request will succeed. Whether the package reroutes succeed and fails, the buyer is still responsible for any charges and loss resulted. Because larger packages are more likely to be damaged during shipping, the probability of the return package will be in the resell-able condition is low. As such package reroute should be considered the last resort. contact us for the procedure and the fees charged.

4. How many years do you supply for the warranty?
The warranty date is subject to the product description page, if no specification, default 1 year.

5. Are the mattresses included?

6. Is there any fee for shipping?
No. The shipping fee is included in products price.

7. Can the product be ship out of the US?
No. we only ship in the United States now.

8. Why are so many products “out of stock”?

  1. Our children’s beds are batch-produced, and when a batch is sold, it will take a while to be produced again. So, if you like it, please buy it as soon as possible.
  2. Our children’s beds are also sold on other big sites (like Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart), so they sell quickly.

9. Is there any discount?

  1. We supply free shipping over $500(Coupon Code : 5off).
  2. Normally we don’t supply any discount, for we have the lowest price – if you found any cheaper price, please contact us ([email protected]), we will check it.

10.  About California Proposition 65?

Yes,  every bed sent to California will have prop 65 warning.

11. Why there is no tax?
Because our company registered in United Kingdom, more details please visit About Us.