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A Sleigh Toddler Bed Review – Your Child Will Love It

sleigh toddler bed

One sure sign that your baby is growing up is realizing that he has outgrown his crib! You want your toddler to be safe while he sleeps but you also want a bed that will last for at least three or four years, until the child is old enough to sleep in a normal-sized bed.

Your child probably already knows about Christmas, and his eyes will light up if you tell him his next bed will be a sleigh toddler bed! There are some very nice types of sleigh toddler beds on the market today that include safety rails, so his transition from crib to bed won’t keep you awake at night worrying if he’s going to fall out!

There are lots of finish choices too, from black or white to cherry and mahogany which will match the rest of your child’s bedroom décor.

Sleigh Toddler Bed Safety

Constructed for a toddler’s height means your child will be quite safe getting into and out of bed by himself without fear of falling, and when he is old enough, the safety sides on some can be removed. Look for a sleigh bed that has been designed with a storage drawer beneath, these are perfect for hiding toys and bedtime storybooks, or for keeping extra blankets and sheets. Some toddler sleigh beds are no longer than a crib and you can save the expense of buying a new mattress by simply transferring the crib mattress over to the sleigh toddler bed.

Some Assembly Required

If you order a sleigh toddler bed online, you should be prepared for putting it together yourself. You will only need very basic tools and it can be constructed anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, although it’s a lot quicker and easier if two are involved.

Your child will love his or her “big” bed and if you do your research a toddler sleigh bed should last your child until he is old enough for a real grown-up bed, with a full-sized mattress. Always look for solid wood construction as this is far more durable than plastic or composite materials and it could also be repainted if you have another child who will be inheriting it. Most sleigh toddler beds are designed for children aged from two to five years old and measure approximately 57 inches long and about 30 inches wide. They are low to the ground so the child can step in and out easily.

Always make sure that the finish is non-toxic that the rails are not far enough apart that a child can get his head stuck and there are no sharp or protruding edges that could injure him. Also, be sure to check for recalls.

Many toddler beds have a weight capacity of 50lbs so if you are thinking about sitting on the edge of the bed and reading him a bedtime story you may have to think about using a chair instead.

With a little bit of research and the right selection of a sleigh toddler bed, your child will look forward to going to bed every night in his “grown-up” bed.

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