Return Policy

EDIT TIME: June 15, 2020

Customers(as “Buyer” below) can apply for a refund or return without needing to list a reason within 30 days after the product(s) has been received and the product is unopened. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to provide the feedback and other information as requested by the “Seller” below). In this scenario, the Buyer would be charged a 30% restocking fee, if the request is accepted by the seller. The transport fee for the return or re-shipment of any product(s) should be paid for by the Buyer.

The goods sold on are large-size products and multiple shipments will increase the risk of damage to the goods. If the Buyer returns this item without stating a reason, or due to personal preference and feelings, the Buyer is responsible for any damage sustained to the product(s) during the return process.

If the Buyer does not contact customer service within 90 days after the Seller provides a valid tracking number of the re-shipment, the system will automatically categorize the goods as being received by the Buyer, regardless of the location of the package.