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Best Loft Beds For Teenage Girls in

Best Loft Beds For Teenage Girls

With one bed for sleeping and one for either a friend sleeping over, studying, gaming or storage, teenage full-size loft beds are versatile and full of potential. Where they sleep is just as important as when when it comes to your child getting rest. Our beds can also provide a space for them to relax and enjoy themselves.

Here at Cool Toddler Beds, we have a range of high quality beds to suit both your need for safety and comfort and your teenager’s preferences. This is a concise guide to help you make a decision on what loft bed to buy for your teenage girl. We have provided details on the construction of the bed, the dimensions and the particular features that will hopefully make it stand out as that perfect purchase. Each bed has its own individual qualities, just like your child.

When it comes to buying a bed for your teenager, there are so many different varieties out there that it can be difficult to even begin to narrow them down. Here at Cool Toddler Beds, we have divided our beds into easy to understand categories to make the decision-making process all the easier.

Loft beds are where there is only one bed on top. Underneath is a space often for shelving but generally with some degree of flexibility. This distinguishes them from bunk beds, where there is a bed on both the upper and lower levels.

Product 1 – Convertible Twin Loft Bed With L-Shaped Desk, Shelves and Ladder

This practical loft bed is sophisticated and ideal for any teenager’s room to help them truly make their space their own. Made of high-quality wood and with a lacquer to prevent damage, the L-shape makes it ideal for room corners, putting more of the space at your disposal. The sofa can be converted into another bed if they have a friend staying over or it can be used to relax. With a desk and shelves for storage space, this is a quality loft bed that is bound to fit the needs of any teenager. If they don’t like the color of the wood? It can easily be painted over to fit a room.


  • Efficient use of space
  • L-shaped to fit into a room corner
  • Desk for studying
  • Modern look
  • Easy assembly
  • Cabinet and shelves for storage
  • Horizontal ladder rungs for comfort
  • H 68.7″ – [Upper Bed] L 78.7″ x W 42.7″ [Lower Bed] L 72.9″ x 28.8″

Product 2 – Twin Over Full Loft Bed With Cabinet

This loft bed is versatile, which is great for a teenager who may want to change things around routinely to keep their room looking fresh and inspirational. The lower bed can be moved to a better alignment or even removed entirely. With a wheeled cabinet for storage and a guardrail, this loft bed is made from high quality materials and is optimally designed for work, relaxation and rest all in one.


  • Total Height 62.1″
  • Upper Bed – W 41.5″ x L 78.7″
  • Lower Bed – W 53.3″ x 80.7″
  • Comes in gray, espresso, or white

Product 3 – Wooden Twin Over Full Bunk Bed, Loft Bed With Playhouse, Farmhouse, Ladder, and Guardrails

This bed is more suited to tweens rather than teenagers. Whimsical and inspired by traditional playhouses, this bed will help to ignite the imagination. With an upper semi-enclosed playspace that is cabin-inspired, our child can choose to sleep either on the top or on the bottom. The bottom bed can alternatively be converted to a sofa or a place to store cuddly toys alongside a storage space. Whatever your tween decides to make of this bed, it will stand the test of time thanks to being made from durable materials.


  • H 82.3″ – W 78.7″ – L 80.8″
  • Guardrail on the upper bed
  • Made from lumber and pine wood
  • Adjustable bottom bed

All of our beds come with clear instructions on how to assemble them. This is useful as they come in multiple packages. All tools and appropriate hardware are also provided. No mattresses are provided.

We’ve given all of the beds detailed here a trial run before writing this guide so then we can describe them true to form. When it comes to buying beds, trial and error is sometimes part and parcel of finding the ideal bed for you. There is no need to go for the first loft bed that you happen to come across. You may be surprised as to what you finally decide on.

While not recommended given the coronavirus pandemic, one thing that we used to do before purchasing would be to see what beds friends and family were using when we visited. This allowed us to get up close with the different varieties out there so then we had a better idea in our heads of what would work for us.

As with all types of bed, for adults or teenagers, you need to first consider the constraints of the space that you are in and your budget. You need to first measure the dimensions of the room you are going to put the daybed with storage in.

When it comes to the bed’s construction material, for the loft beds presented here, they are all made out of wood. Wood is sturdy but it can be quite awkward to move once the bed itself is fully constructed, which is important if you are putting the bed together by yourself. All of our wooden beds are measured manually. This can result in a small margin of error. This can be fixed easily with some minor DIY.

Buying From Cool Toddler Benefits – The Advantages

When it comes to buying from us, there are many upsides if you choose Cool Toddler Beds is your go-to store.

We are the most budget-friendly loft bed providers out there. Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair and more. We are confident that we can beat them when it comes to price.

All shipping is at a flat rate of $5. Shipping is free if you order a product that is over $500 with the coupon code 5OFF.


When it comes to buying a new loft bed for your teenage girl, Cool Toddler Beds have something for everyone.