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Top 6 Loft Bed for Toddlers/Kids

Top 6 loft bed for toddlers

We have one purpose: to help you and your toddler get a good night’s sleep. We know it can be challenging to find the perfect place for your little one to rest their head at the end of an adventure-filled day. So here at Cool Toddler Beds, we want to make sure you can find your child a bed they will look forward to. Wh have the top 6 loft beds for toddlers.

We have collaborated with children’s beds’ manufacturers to bring you more choice and a better shopping experience. And our goal is to be an accessible and affordable shop for sturdily manufactured children’s beds. The best part of our products is that you will not have to settle for something that looks good but does not last or, worse, something that is guaranteed to stay but at the cost of looking like an uninviting cage.

Besides, you can choose a product that fulfills the functions you need it to perform. Have two toddlers in a two-bedroom apartment? You do not want them to miss out on indoor playtime because of a lack of space. Or maybe you have a single child, and you want to make sure they can have friends and playmates sleepover without worrying about how much space will be enough. We have the answer you are looking for: our twin loft beds will satisfy your two sleeping spaces’ requirements while occupying the room for just one bed.

  1. Twin Loft Bed With Storage
  2. Full Loft Bed With Storage
  3. Twin Loft Bed With Stairs
  4. Loft Bed With Stairs And Desk
  5. Twin Loft Bed With Slide
  6. Loft Bed With Slide And Stairs

1) Twin loft bed with storage

The twin Loft Bed is just one of the options. Its solid pine wood structure provides a good-old, traditional sturdiness, and a painted MDF finish gives it a sleek, modern look. It’s all in one, and not just structurally – it is designed for safety as well as convenience. With its neat finish and a traditional layout, it will blend seamlessly into just about any space.


  • large play area underneath(great for space admirer)
  • Ladder with handrails keeping safety a priority
  • Ships with detailed instructions to fit the toddlers’ bed
  • Your child can use it for several years
  • The loft bed is designed to support weights of up to 150 pounds


  • It is made with twin beds for siblings or playmates who come for sleepovers.
  • You could also remove the lower portion if it isn’t currently needed and let your child set it up there, or you could use it as a storage area for your child’s toys.
  • There is additional storage space at the exterior side of the loft bed’s stairs, helping you clear up space without hassling about searching for space.
  • The loft bed also comes with high guardrails, which will keep your mind at ease as your little one enjoys their naptime retreat after their mighty adventures in the fort underneath.
  • After a tiring day, the low-height bed and the easy two-step climb offers safe access to the loft bed. And the guardrail that borders the stairs provides an extra safety feature.
  • The unit has slats included, which means you need no box spring, saving you that additional cost.
  • The Floor Loft Bed offers a gender-neutral aesthetic.


  • If something falls, your child has to slide down the ladder to get it. It can get a little irritating over time.

You could opt for a grey unit to help you add a superior finish to a vibrant arrangement, or you could choose the white one to freshen up the room. Either way, if you are someone who enjoys adventure but seeks organization, you can’t go wrong with this one, selling at about $400.

2) Full loft bed with storage

However, it is possible you are not concerned about saving space. Perhaps you want to create an inviting and lively environment for your child, or children, to socialize with their friends. In that case, another brilliant option you can find at Cool Toddler Beds is the Twin over Full Loft Bed.

This unit reimagines a joint living space and can allow you to give more privacy to your eldest child while ensuring everyone has a space to play together. It can make for highly versatile arrangements while maximizing sleeping space for children. It can accommodate three people, one on the loft bed and two on an additional twin-sized bed.


  1. You can quickly close and flip the storage compartment
  2. It has high guardrails on the loft bed and handrails for the easily climbable steps.
  3. Available in white and grey, it gives off a minimalist vibe while maximizing utility.
  4. You can place the ladder on both sides.


  • It is perfect if you want flexibility in your children’s room arrangement, as you can adjust the additional bed anywhere in the room
  • The design of this unit functions to increase not just the sleeping space but also the storage space
  • You can keep the down bed underneath the loft bed and make practical storage underneath the down bed.


  • If the child has the habit of waking up in the bathroom again and again in the evening, sleeping upwards may be a problem.

Should you choose to keep the down bed separately, you can create a warm play area underneath the loft bed, or you could use it for storage. However, you might not need it as additional storage space since the unit comes equipped with a staircase that doubles storage compartments.

These compartments have flaps that hinge forward and seamlessly become part of the stairs if you want to display your child’s favorite toys or perhaps their Lego masterpieces in the compartments. The unit also conforms to the safety requirements you would demand your child: It’s a catch-all priced at about $640.

3) Twin loft bed with stairs

But if you want to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, you have to embrace a minimalist signature style: convertible furniture. Nothing says functional like a solid, sturdy piece of furniture that you can use in multiple ways.

Cue the Functional Bunk Bed: a wooden bunk bed frame with a slight twist. The lower bunk can be transformed into a table and double-sided bench set.


  1. A clever slab in between the wooden-slat frames.
  2. A safe upper bunk with 15.5″ full-length guardrails.
  3. Extremely easy to assemble shipping in three boxes
  4. The material composition of Solid wood and MDF


  • You can quickly move the slab a level up to create a co-working space for your little ones and their friends.
  • The comfortable seating format also makes it perfect as a small dining table for snacks during playtime.
  • Form over function? Nah, form and function. With an MDF veneer under a painted finish, this structure adds sophistication while retaining a traditional bunk bed’s homely look.
  • Equipped with wooden slats, it requires no box spring. It has an easy four-step vertical ladder access to the upper bunk and ample room for storage.


  • Sleeping upwards may be a minor problem for your child in summer if it’s too hot.

Two-drawer compartments sit below the seating portion, but you can also utilize the space under the table slab to keep storage boxes. This two-in-one twin bunk bed is a pragmatic and stylish solution for parents who want their children to have a well-curated living space that accommodates their needs.

It transforms your child’s living and playing space into many learning opportunities – one of which is a lesson in practical, space-saving solutions. As a bonus, the unit comes with free cushions sets. Find it at Cool Toddler Beds for about $660.

4) loft bed with stairs and desk

Despite all the great options presented above, some of you might want something that has a more modern feel to it. In that case, the sleek X-Shaped Twin Loft Bed is probably right up your alley. Made with sturdy metal, the unit features a modern industrial style without giving a heavy appearance.


  1. Not only will this loft bed save space, but its minimal structure will also help create a distraction-free space for focus
  2. The X-shaped supports on three sides of the unit offer structural integrity as well as a distinctive look.
  3. The loft bed has metal slats that provide support and stability and help you avoid the additional cost of a box spring
  4. The easy instruction provided when buying the bed makes the assembly more accessible than ever.


  • A loft bed over a desk space, this product offers a potent combination. It’s the need of the hour for a growing child whose creative endeavors will be served well by a well-organized desk space right within their living area.
  • The angular features of the supports on the bed make for an appealing, clean-cut structure, which could also be lightly decorated with warm lighting. It creates a cozy and homely two-in-one space for your child.
  • Protective guardrails on all sides of the loft bed prevent your child from falling off while asleep. And a slanted four-step climbing ladder enables easy and safe access to the bed. This unit will add definition to your child’s room and provide a safe sleeping space while being a one-of-a-kind multipurpose structure.


  • The design is not as good as other toddler beds mentioned above

It’s perfect for accentuating the soft look of your child’s room with something slightly more sophisticated. At about $320, this would be a valuable addition for both you and your child.

5) Twin loft bed with slide

Finally, for the adventure lovers in the crowd, we also have something a little extra special. If you, or your toddler, are tired of a boring old bunk bed, we’ve got the perfect thing to fix that. The Loft Bed with Storage and Slide is the ideal all-in-one. Although it has sleeping space for only one child, the additional features it brings to your child’s room are probably well worth it.


  1. A pinewood structure with MDF and paint finish
  2. Lots of space under the beds for children to put their toys.
  3. There are three storages in bed
  4. The smooth paint with a stable structure


  • The loft bed comes bundled with storage and, the best part, a safe, shock-absorbent slide. Shrieks and laughs, they’re all part of the lovely phase of life called childhood. As parents, we might occasionally find them annoying after a tiring day at work. Still, we can’t deny that life would be relatively meaningless without them.
  • The boxy stairs are equipped with a handrail to provide safe access to the loft bed, and a slide on the other end creates an exciting exit. Who among us doesn’t somedays want an easy way to tire out your child and tuck them in without having to put in much effort. This unit will give you exactly that.
  • The stairs are also two-in-one, harboring storage compartments behind flaps that hinge forward. You can keep them closed for safe storage or use them as display compartments.


  • You need to be a little careful with this bed if your child has a habit of dream walking.

The bed itself has high guardrails measuring 11.7″ for your child’s safety, and it has slats, requiring no box spring, and it is capable of supporting 250lb. The space beneath the bed can be used as you or your child likes. With the slim cover the slide provides at the front, it is perfect for building forts. With this unit, you can give your child an all-in-one fun-filled, energetic, and active lifestyle, even when they are indoors. You can find this in our store for about $620.

6) loft bed with slide and stairs

And last (but not least), you have the Twin Size Loft Bed with an Adjustable Slide. At 44.4″ tall, this bed is slightly smaller in height. It also logically comes with a smaller price tag of about $450. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper option or have a younger child for whom you naturally worry more, this is it for you.


  1. The unit comes in what you might by now call our signature style for loft beds, pinewood structure, sturdy and traditional, with a clean MDF veneer and painted finish.
  2. It is available in white or grey, colors that will each bring out a unique tone for your child’s room but will blend well in any color scheme
  3. The 2-step staircase makes access to the bed convenient
  4. The slide is adjustable


  • Like all our products, this one also follows the mantra of form and function – it comes with safety, convenience, and fun.
  • A boxy two-step staircase provides safe and easy access to the bed. A handrail at the side of the stairs keeps your child safe. Likewise, the bed itself has a high guardrail.
  • Again, the staircase comes in handy for storage and lets you keep items on shelves inbuilt on its exterior.
  • Space beneath the loft bed can be used as storage or as a mini play area for your little one, or both!


  • Slightly smaller in height

And the best part is that small does not mean fewer functions – this unit also has a slide that you can place on either end of the bed. This unit is sure to send any child into a frenzy of excitement, but good thing there’s a slide indoors for them to use up that energy.

All our products are meant to give you and your child the best that you can get. Our most proud quality is the amount of variety we bring you – six loft beds. Each similar to the others somehow. But each with its particularities, so you can choose the one that exactly fits your needs.

We also know that the troubles of raising a child are all too real, and one of those concerns is money. We offer prices you won’t find elsewhere, without compromising on quality or sturdiness. Everything you buy here is cheaper than in any place- You heard it right, cheaper than you can find in Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart without any quality loss. So order away, we’ll deliver free over orders worth $500 in 5-15 working days so you and your child can enjoy a quick assembling of the unit and sleep at the end of a day well spent.