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Best Kids Loft Bed With Desk in

Best Kids Loft Bed With Desk

Loft Beds are a common child’s dream bed. With one bunk for sleeping and one for either as a desk or storage, they are versatile and full of potential. Where they sleep is just as important as when it comes to your toddler getting rest. A toddler that is comfortable will get to sleep a lot quicker and easier. This will make nights a lot smoother for everyone involved. Our beds can also provide a space for them to relax and enjoy themselves, truly integrating them into their room as fully as possible. 

Here at Cool Toddler Beds, we have a range of high quality beds to suit both your need for safety and comfort and your child’s preferences. This is a concise article and guide to help you make a decision on what loft bed to buy for your toddler. We detail the construction of the bed, the dimensions and the features that will hopefully make it stand out as that perfect purchase. Each bed has its own individual qualities, just like your child.

When it comes to buying a bed for your toddler, there are so many different varieties out there that it can be difficult to even begin to narrow them down. Here at Cool Toddler Beds, we have divided our beds into easy to understand categories to make the decision making process all the easier. Loft beds are where there is only one bed on top. Underneath is a space, often for shelving but generally with some degree of flexibility. This distinguishes them from bunk beds, where there is a bunk bed on both the upper and lower levels.  

Product 1 – Twin Size Loft Bed with Storage Selves, Desk and Ladder (LP000140EAA)

This twin-size loft bed for toddlers is made of pine and MDF for a combination of sturdiness and strength. On the lower level, there is a designated desk for studying (or reading, crafting and many more activities beside) in addition to storage shelves to either side to keep everything tidy and organized.  The ladder has horizontal slats for your child’s comfort when climbing and the bed itself has guardrails for safety. The nooks and crannies mean that there is no excuse for anything left lying around! 

We found this bed in particular to be simple, to the point and therefore suitable for just about any space and purpose that we could come up with, making it excellent value for money. That said, as it is made from wood and all Cozy Toddler Bed’s made in this manner are manually measured, not all pieces may fit together 100% perfectly. In the case where there is a little bit of wiggle room, some filler or filling down will soon solve the problem. A small potential adjustment to make for something that is handmade by skilled tradespeople. 


  •  H 73.27” – W 61.85” – L 79.53”
  • Integrated desk
  • Multiple storage shelves

Product 2 – Low Study Twin Loft Bed with Cabinet and Rolling Portable Desk (LP000103AAP)

When it comes to being continually adjustable as your child grows and their use of the bed changes, this bed is ideal. Made of quality pine wood and available in three colors (espresso, gray and white), this loft bed comes with a portable wheeled desk to let your child either work under their bed in a productive little nook or to pull it out to sit elsewhere to study. This means that the space underneath can be used for everything from homework in the morning to crafting after lunch to making a pillow fort in the evening.

This level of versatility is just what you need to engage with your toddler while enriching their environment and we found this to be particularly appealing to us where no day is exactly the same as the other.  Cozy Toddler Beds doesn’t sacrifice stability and durability to make this possible either.  


  • H 44.5” – W 42.5” – L 78.3”
  • Portable underbed desk
  • Integrated cabinet

Product 3 – Full Size Metal Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk (LP000091AAN)

Metal and minimalist in a way that can fit in with just about any room decor theme, this loft bed has a sleek painted finish to give it that polished look. With horizontal slats for the headboard and footboard, the guardrail provides safety and security that matches the overall compactness of this frame. With 58.3” of underbed clearance, there is plenty of room for storage, adventure or work.

This bed comes with an integrated desk and two shelves, making it an ideal space for work and hobbies both. With numbered parts, an instruction manual and tools provided, putting it together couldn’t be easier and we definitely found this to be useful compared to some beds from other companies that are far less helpful.  

Available in black or silver, there is also nothing stopping you from painting this bed – and any other – to  better fit with the theme of th room. Make it your own to suit your child’s colorful preferences.      


  • H X” – W X” – L X”.
  • 58.3” of under-bed clearance.
  • 1-year warranty.

Before writing this guide, we’ve tried and tested all of the beds so then we can describe them faithfully.  Experimenting can be fun. While not recommended given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one thing that we used to do before would be to see if any of their friends had loft beds and make a decision after looking at what they had. Being able to get your hands on the bed is one of the best ways to make such an important choice. 

As with all types of bed, you need to first consider the constraints of the space that you are in and your budget before getting to the browsing and purchasing stages. Measure the room you are going to put it in. It is recommended that there is at least 2ft minimum between the upper bed and the ceiling, with more being better.  Consider the age your child is at and how long the bed is likely to last before they outgrow it. The materials have their own benefits and faults to take into consideration as well. 

When it comes to the bed’s construction material, the two most common options are wood (be it a single variety or multiple) and metal. Wood is cumbersome but study. The only downside of wood in general is that it can come with rough edges that may need to be sanded down. Another small and easily compensated for detractor of wood in the case of our beds is that they are measured manually. This means that there may be a small margin of error when putting it together. This can easily be fixed by padding any gaps with filler but this is still something to bear in mind when purchasing and constructing. Metal is modern and has a sleek finish but its propensity to squeak as it ages is a detractor. It can also take time to warm up depending on the temperature of the room. Unlike wood however, it doesn’t splinter and is significantly long-lasting. It will timelessly withstand your child’s growth, roughhousing and play for years to come. 

Advantages of Buying With Us

When it comes to buying from us, there are many advantages if you choose Cozy Toddler Beds.

We are the lowest bunk bed providers out there. Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot – you name a store and I can guarantee that we can beat them for price with the same product. 

For shipping and delivery, regardless of what product you buy, all shipping is only $5. No hefty handling fees here! On top of that, all shipping is free if you spend over $500 with the coupon code 5OFF.

On top of that, our warehouse is based in the US so you’ve not got the long wait that comes with international orders. All products are shipped within 8 – 10 days from placing the order.  


To summarize, whatever your needs and preferences, when it comes to buying a new bunk bed for your toddler, Cool Toddler Beds has got you covered.

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