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Best House Beds For Toddler and Kids

Best House Beds For Toddler and Kids

It’s your baby’s first birthday; you’re happy and thrilled to have that cute baby grown to a year senior. But there’s something you don’t have the courage to do? Something you’re confused about. A decision that you have to make as soon as possible. Your baby’s crib.

Well, your child won’t be complaining anytime soon because he/she will be pulling herself/himself up the railings—feeling perfectly secure in the sleep space. Then one day, you see your child launching out of the crib, and you think of how you’re going to get a new bed for her.

  1. Twin House Bed
  2. Montessori house bed
  3. Twin House Bed Frame
  4. Twin House Bed with Trundle

The toddler house bed debate is a common one among modern-day parents. Luckily you have CoolToddlerbeds at your disposal. We have a range of safe toddler beds that will ensure your toddler doesn’t fall at night. All our beds are crafted with strong materials that will keep your baby’s bed strong and long-lasting. Not only for babies, but the beds can be used by teens as well.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll help you deliver essential features, so when you’re ready to make the big move, you’ll know what to buy. Anyways, you only need what’s best for your kids, and by picking the best toddler house bed, they’ll feel good, settled, and stay asleep for the entire night. You want to choose a bed; your baby will be excited to sleep.

1. Twin House bed

Suppose you’re looking for a bed that suits your imaginative kids. With its low bunk design, your baby can get into the bed safely. If you have twins, this bed is an advantage. The designs feature a two bed-frame so that you can prepare the upper bed for the older ones or twins. It comes with a widened ladder that won’t hurt your baby’s barefoot.

You might be worried about the material used. The twin by twin bed is made of high-quality pine wood and medium-density fibreboard that carries your baby’s weight of up to 350lbs with ease. With the bed priced below $350, you’ll be happy you invested in a mattress that caters to your kids safety. With the materials used, you won’t have to worry about any funny wobbling noise that most bunks make.


  1. Low bunk design
  2. Long-lasting
  3. Noise-free
  4. Height: 70.8″
  5. Weight capability: 220lbs/350lbs
  6. Bed size: 38.5″×75″


  • Easy to climb
  • Features a two-bed frame


  • Assemblage: If you don’t like assembling beds, this isn’t the best option for you. Read on to see the one that’s perfect for you and your baby’s convenience.

2. Montessori house bed

As the name implies, the shape is like a house. This adds a character to your baby’s bedroom. We love this bed because it gives a simple and charming appearance to the room. You can’t explain it—it’s magical. The simplicity gives you the freedom to design the bed with your kids—bringing out your kid’s creativity.

Your kids will love it because of its low height—effortless to get in and safe to climb. What more? The twin wooden house bed boasts a high-quality pine wood and moderate density fibreboard keeping it durable and long-lasting. You can get this product for less than $270—imagine getting this unique for this price. Marvelous

This bed is straightforward to assemble—it has pre-drilled holes, a unique feature of CoolToddlerBeds so that you can build the bed with ease.


  1. Lasts for a long time
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Created to bring out your child’s creativity.
  4. Bed size: 76.1″ x 41.5″
  5. Weight capacity: 300lb
  6. Recommended mattress thickness: 8″-10″


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can carry the weight of up to 300lbs
  • Spring box not needed


  • It doesn’t feature a sliding ladder.

3. Twin House Bed Frame

This is our favorite pick. It’s an enclosed place that ensures your kid is cocooned and comfortable in his/her sleeping space. The twin size house bed commands a sturdy pinewood frame that provides stability. It’s simple, and it adds a serene ambiance to the room. This bed is best for tossers, and there’s a fence available there to prevent falls.

To add to the uniqueness, this comfy bed provides a fun and precious space. This fills in as a comfortable sleeping place and space for your children to play and have fun.

The Twin House Bed Frame can carry anything —there’s no weight limit on the bed. With its 42.5″W x 70.8″H, it’s a unique feature for a bed with this dimension. With less than $300, you can get this bed here, with a year warranty.


  1. Has roof and fence to create a fun space for your baby
  2. Has no weight limit
  3. Strong Pinewood frame
  4. Weight capacity: no limit
  5. Dimensions: 78.7″L x 42.5″W x 70.8″H


  • Very sturdy frame made of pine wood
  • Easy to climb
  • Safety—your baby won’t fall off if she rolls


  • It has no slats. However, It can quickly be done by preparing box springs or foundations.

4. Twin House Bed with Trundle

Imagine buying a bed for your baby that makes her feel like he/she is on a beach—your child wakes up every morning to tell you the dream of the sea. That is why the Trundle Twin House bed is designed to give your baby the comfortable and safe feeling that you feel on the beach without leaving your house.

Made with solid pine and two pieces of roofs, this bed is sure to give your baby’s room a great statement. Carefully made in Vietnam with solid pine and moderate density fibreboards, the bed is sturdy, stable, and long-lasting.

The trundle solves the problem of—limited space in the bedroom by keeping some items that you can keep in the storage and compartments. With less than $350, you’ll get a bed designed with your baby’s safety and storage space in mind.


  1. Made with solid wood
  2. Length: 78.7″
  3. Width: 41.1″
  4. Trundle:40.9″ x 75.3″ x 11″
  5. Weight capacity:250 lb
  6. Weight capacity (trundle) : 250lb


  • Made with robust joints to ensure safety
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with two pieces of roofs

Buying a house bed for your toddler can be challenging, especially when you’re considering space and budget. The beds recommended above are sturdy and stable—no worries about weird noises that most bunks make.CoolToddlerBeds designed all beds with your baby’s safety in mind.

Our beds are low enough for any kids of whatever age or height to independently get in and out comfortably. We’ve carefully removed every sharp corner and edge to prevent scratches on your baby’s body. Here at CoolToddlerBeds, we know you’re looking for a bed that fits your kids needs, and it’s not expensive. All our beds are made with quality wood that ensures sturdiness and stability.

Are harmful chemicals present in our beds? No, they’re free from the toxic chemicals often used in the production of furniture. Chemicals like lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, none of which are ideal for a baby sleeping next to is eliminated.

You can save shipping money when you place an order of items over $500. We have the cheapest beds that you can’t find anywhere—even on Amazon and Walmart. With a very fast shipping time of 5-15 days of $5 flat rate, you’ll enjoy spending your money here.