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Step2 Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bed Review – The Best Branded Kids Bed

Thomas The Tank Engine Toddler Bed

1. Introduce Step2 Thomas The Tank Engine Toddler Bed

thomas the train toddler bed
Step2 Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bed

Getting kids into bed is no easy task, as most parents will tell you. The idea of going to bed just doesn’t feel exciting to most little ones. However, beds designed with a top kid’s brand in mind are more likely to make the process of going to bed much easier. This Step2 Thomas The Tank Engine Toddler Bed is the perfect example of just that.

As you can see, the product is designed to look like a popular children’s TV character Thomas the Tank Engine. That intensive branding is sure to make the whole idea of sleeping more exciting, particularly for little boys.

When it comes to branded kids’ beds, we firmly believe that this is the best choice on the market. But what makes it so great and what are the product’s pitfalls? We’ll take a look at those exact points in our below review of the Step2 Thomas toddler bed.

2. Why is this the best-branded kid’s bed on the market?

As we’ve already mentioned in the opening line of this review, we firmly believe that it’s the best-branded kid’s bed on the market. But what makes it so great?

If you’ve taken a look at branded kids’ beds in the past, you’re likely aware of the theme that most of them tend to follow. They’re usually just a standard bed with some branding slapped on top, this is often through a cheap paint job or stickering. It’s a pretty undesirable design choice and one that your kids won’t particularly feel attracted to. However, this Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed is different. It looks and feels like an actual train and features many of the iconic features little ones will recognize from the TV show.

thomas the train bed
This bed has a three-dimensional friendly face and realistic train decals

There’s also a number of other fantastic features that make this bed well worth your money, including a series of great storage compartments. Big beds like this one often take up a lot of space in a room, but that’s made a little bit better when they integrate some storage space as this bed has. At this point, we should also note that the bed works with any standard crib mattress, meaning you won’t have to invest in an additional mattress, your current one will quite comfortably fit into the main area of this bed.

3. FAQs

Q: Does it has a mattress with it?What size mattress does the bed fit?
A: No, A standard size crib mattress is ok.

Q: Is it a twin bed?
A: No.

Q: Is the shipping package heavy?
A: Yes, it’s heavy.Comes in two boxes

Q: What’s the dimension of it? and what’s the weight?
A: It’s 67 x 33.5 x 29.5 inches.It’s 58.5 pounds.

Q: What is the bed made out of?
A: Plastic.

Q: What age is appropriate to use this bed up until?
A: 2 years – 5 years(really depends on the size of your child).

4. Downside of this bed

We’ve done a pretty good job when it comes to selling this bed as the best-branded option on the market. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s without its downsides. The biggest of those downsides is assembly. As many customers of the product have pointed out, this bed requires a particularly large amount of assembly. This is largely to be expected with online order furniture products, but we found this bed to require a particularly large amount of time and skill in order to assemble.

It also would have been nice to see the bed include some Thomas the Tank Engine themed linens. You’ll need to buy these separately if you plan on giving your child the full train experience with this bed.

5. Final Thoughts on this bed

In conclusion, we’re still happy with our opening statement that this Step2 Thomas The Tank Engine Toddler Bed is the best-branded bed available on the market. Very rarely do we see a branded product pull off as well as this one has? Its vibrant blue design is sure to be attractive to just about any little one and should make bedtimes that little bit easier. Any Thomas the Tank Engine fan will find a bed that they absolutely love with this product.