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KidKraft Airplane Toddler Bed Review – A Great Bed for Little Plane Enthusiasts

Kidkraft Airplane Toddler Bed

1. About KidKraft Airplane Toddler Bed


Kidkraft Airplane Toddler Bed
Kidkraft Airplane Toddler Bed

There’s no denying that kids love airplanes, they’re absolutely fascinated by them. With that in mind, this KidKraft Airplane Toddler Bed is a no brainer. Your little ones will love going to sleep every night in their own little jet. It’s a fantastic way to make bedtimes that bit more exciting and get kids into bed when they might usually be reluctant to do so.

As you’ve likely already noticed, this particular toddler bed focuses on an airplane aesthetic and we absolutely love it for that. It’s fun and colorful and not just perfect for little boys, but also airplane loving girls too. The bed also features plenty of little extras too, to make this a nice piece of furniture for not only sleeping but also storing toys. It has a propeller on the front that actually spins, which is something you won’t find with most similar products like this.

2. Advantages of the KidKraft Airplane Toddler Bed

We’ve already mentioned that this bed is a fantastic little option for all plane enthusiasts, but what are the advantages of this bed? One of our favorite advantages of this product is that it is designed to fit most crib mattresses. It’s often the case that with these specialist beds you’ll need to purchase a specific mattress for your bed. However, this one is different. Chances are, you’ll be able to move over your mattress from your current crib and if not, you’ll be able to find a new mattress fairly easily.

kidkraft airplane toddler bed storage room
Airplane Toddler Bed – Storage Room

Other advantages include the wealth of storage rooms offered by this particular bed. It’s designed not only to be a great bed for your little ones but a place to store some toys, clothing or just about anything else. A number of compartments within the bed are able to be opened up and you can chuck in some extra items for storage.

Another great little feature about this bed that we love is the propeller on the front of the bed that actually works. You wouldn’t expect a propeller on a toy plane to actually work, but this one does and it looks great too.

3. Disadvantages of the KidKraft Airplane Toddler Bed

Whilst there are a number of great reasons to love this toddler bed from KidKraft, there are also some disadvantages and points you might want to consider before buying the piece of furniture. Our biggest and most prominent disadvantage is the fact that the bed is designed specifically for toddlers. As you’re likely already aware, toddlers grow out of things very quickly and that might apply with this bed too. You’ll want to take size into careful consideration before you purchase this bed or any other toddler bed.

Something else you’ll want to take into consideration when buying this product is assembly. Many customers have found that assembling this product takes a good amount of time and is no easy task, so your DIY skills need to be top-notch! From our knowledge, there isn’t a pre-built version of this bed available to buy online, which is especially unfortunate.

4. FAQs

Q: Is this strong enough to build downstairs, then move up?
A: Yes,it’s smart & sturdy construction.

Q: Does it has a mattress with it?What size mattress does the bed fit?
A: No.It fits a crib-sized mattress.

Q: What’s the dimension of it? and is it heavy?
A: 75.8 x 21.6 x 44.8 inches.It’s pretty heavy, 71 pounds.

Q: What’s the dimension of the shipping box?
A: Roughly 72″ x 30″ x 8″.

Q: What age is appropriate to use this bed up until?
A: 2-8 years old.

5. The Verdict

All in all, KidKraft has produced another fantastic product in this Airplane Toddler Bed, we absolutely love its build quality, flash design, and other great features. However, we’re also not so keen on the fact that it takes a careful assembly and your toddler might just grow out of it. Still, any airplane obsessed little one will love this toddler bed.

There are still some other great options available out there if planes aren’t your child’s thing, so it’s worth taking some time to explore KidKraft’s range before buying.