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What Are Fun Things To Do On The Top Of Your Bunk Bed Or Stairs?

Fun Things To Do On The Top Of Your Bunk Bed Or Stairs

To make your bunk bed fun for kids, you can install many different things around them. Starting with the hooks, they are extremely useful around bunk beds, but also on top of stairs. They are convenient and versatile; you can screw them in or use adhesive.

Pictures will also add to the overall image – use adhesive to avoid damaging walls. Posters with your kid’s favorite characters or family photos will do.

A shelf is also fun to install on top of a bunk bed or stairs. It can take a decorative item, but it is also suitable for kids who want to store some toys.

You can also install string lights, which will help create a comfortable and cozy environment.

Talking about lights, you can find small lamps that you can attach with clips – they are flexible and can be installed anywhere. These days, smart sensor-based lights will also do – make sure they are turned off at night.

Consider a slide, especially by the bunk bed if you want to take things even further. Whoever sleep on the top bed will love coming out in style – make sure it is safe enough for kids though. You can have a slide by the stairs too – again, safety comes first.

How do you make a top bunk cool?

Small accessories will allow you to make a top bunk cool – your options are limitless, but always do it with your kid’s safety in mind. For instance, you could hang some curtains or drapes from the ceiling for extra privacy – kids will love that.

Turn a boring bunk into a cool one with a decorative item too, such as a poster – your kid’s favorite characters or a motivational quote for kids.

You can also paint the bunk bed and give it some funky colors.

How do I organize my room with a bunk bed?

Install the bunk bed against one wall, rather than in a corner. You will have more room visually, but you can also use the middle of the room. If you only have one kid, you can remove the bottom bed and turn it into a little table for homework or games.

Feel free to install shelves for storage, a little desk, or other similar accessories under the bunk. It is a space efficient idea that will make the most out of the available room.

What can you turn a bunk bed into?

A bunk bed can be turned into a loft bed once one of your kids outgrows it – you could do that if you only have one kid too. The loft bed is similar in design, but the bottom bunk is not there. Instead, there is an open space.

You can put anything down there – a workstation for your kid, a little desk, a play area, or even a couch.

How can I make my stairs more interesting?

Get a runner or come up with a creative and interesting handrail. A newel post will do at the top of stairs too, or you can take things further with a set of sensor-based lights – quite handy at night.