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What Size Screws Are Used In Delta Toddler Bed?

Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed, Disney Princess

If you bought the Delta toddler bed set but they don’t come with any directions. this article is what you want.

If you can find the manual, it should include some sort of information regarding hardware specifications. If not, here’s another way to go about finding answers. First, measure everything that needs to fit together. Then make sure you have enough hardware (screws) of each size to get the job done. For example, if you’re building something like a bookshelf, then you’ll probably want one large screw per board rather than several small ones because they won’t hold up well over time. Next figure out how many total boards you plan on having. Divide the number by four and buy two times more hardware than that. That gives you plenty to work with without running short. Now you can start looking at hardware stores online. There’s usually a section devoted specifically to children’s furniture where you can pick from various brands and styles. Once you’ve picked your hardware, you may notice that they aren’t labeled. This isn’t necessarily bad news since most manufacturers label their products according to measurements anyway. Just keep this in mind when ordering. Another good idea would be to call ahead before buying. Ask someone who knows about these beds or has experience making them themselves. They might be able to steer you towards a better choice based on your specific needs.

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