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Merax Bunk Bed Reviews: Unbiased Insights and Top Picks for Your Perfect Sleep Solution

Merax Bunk Bed Reviews: Unbiased Insights and Top Picks for Your Perfect Sleep Solution

Have you ever wondered how comfortable your life would be if you actually had a good-quality bed?

Let’s just establish the fact that after every day of tiring work and exercise, all humans need a comfortable place to rest, no matter what age they are. Children and adults alike need quality beds that provide them comfort – not just for resting but also for performing tasks such as homework.

Bunk beds are a great option for children. To help you choose the best bed for your children’s bedroom, we have reviewed the top 5 bunk beds.

Importance of Beds for Children

While adults can go with any bed as the purpose is just to provide a place to sleep, children have more needs. Especially if you have multiple children, you need to know how to accommodate each child.

A bed for a child is more than just a place to sleep. Children eat, play, and study on their beds. This is why you should choose their beds after considering every need. 

Requirements of Beds for Kids

There are multiple types of children’s beds that can be suitable and fulfill their requirements. Some of the most important requirements for a child’s comfort are given below.

  • Bunk bed configuration

If the child has siblings, a twin-bed configuration is the best solution. This is normally in the form of bunk beds.

  • Study desk

If your child goes to school and comes home tired, they may have to rest for a while and then start studying or doing their homework. For this purpose, it is good to have a configuration that comes with a study table of some sort.

  • High durability

It should be sturdy and durable. Kids love to bounce around and play in the places where they sleep. A bunk bed configuration should be made of solid material that can withstand the extreme forces that children might apply to it.

  • High endurance

The beds should have a high endurance. Your bed should not only be able to withstand the forces from your children jumping on it but also last long under such conditions. The beds should last 5-6 years at the very least with your children bouncing on them every day.

  • Easy to repair

Your bed should be easy to repair. Even with high endurance, there can be minor issues or damage over time. Therefore, your choice of beds should be able to be fixed with general tools instead of proprietary tools so that you can either do it yourself or have a professional do it for you. You should not have to contact the manufacturer for fixing minor problems.

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, we have put together a collection of 5 beds that meet these requirements and provide extra features as well as an added bonus.

The 5 Best Bunk Beds for Children

There are many bunk bed configurations online that are just plain dull. They consist of pieces of wood put together to form the shape of two beds with one bed on top of the other. This type of configuration technically does qualify as a bunk bed but your children will not like such beds since they are not exciting.

Children need excitement in their life which is why good quality bunk beds that your children can later accessorize themselves are the best option.

Here we have the 5 best bunk beds that are found on

Merax Low Bunk Bed

Merax Low Bunk Bed

The Merax Low Bunk Bed has a simple and elegant design that embodies the principles of minimalism while leaving room for children to decorate their beds themselves. This bunk bed configuration is built to look like an actual house with the primary beam resting on the top bed.

The included ladder makes it easier for the child who has the top bed to go up. The entire structure is designed to have a low footing since this decreases the center of gravity of the bottom bed. This way the bottom bed can support the top bed more easily and make the entire structure more stable and safe.

The white color is such that the paint is easy on the eyes. At the same time, the color provides children a blank canvas on which they can paint on if they want to.

The central beam resting at the top of the bed can be used to hang small items and accessories if desired. These accessories may include small lights, plastic decorations etc.


  • It has a lower base footing which increases safety.
  • The guard railings for the top bed provide a security feature that ensures that the child sleeping above does not fall.
  • Minimalistic design


  • It has a vertical ladder instead of a slanting ladder.
  • Your child might bump their head on the beam at the top bed.

Merax Loft bed

Merax Loft bed

This particular Merax Bunk configuration prioritizes functionality over minimalism. It is designed for a child who eats and studies at the same place where they sleep. This configuration is only for a single child. While it is a bunk bed design, the bottom layer is to be used as a work station for the child. Your child’s books, electronics, and papers can all be fit into this single location.

The pandemic has made configurations such as this one more popular. Even though it does not have two separate beds for more than one child, the lower work table makes up for it. The work station section consists of shelves for book storage and a center flat surface where a laptop or tablet can be put if your child needs to take online lectures.

The upper bed is designed to be a comfortable sleeping place with guard rails on both sides. The guard rails drastically increase the safety of the bed and ensure that your child does not accidentally fall off when moving around in their sleep.


  • It has a workstation in which all books, stationery, and electronics can be arranged.
  • Guard rails for extra protection for the child when sleeping.
  • A slanted ladder that is easier to climb as compared to a vertical ladder.


  • Only for a single child.
  • Wasted space where drawers can be put.

Merax Metal Bunk Bed With Trundle and Double Bunk Envelope

Merax Metal Bunk With Trundle and Double Bunk Envelope

If you have a large family, then this bunk bud configuration suits you best. This Merax Bunk Bed is designed to accommodate three children. The entire structure is designed using highly durable metal rods that hold it together. Use of metal for the primary support of the entire bunk guarantees stability along with high endurance since metal is known to last long. It can endure intense situations such as children playing around and jumping on the bed.

The three-bed option allows for the accommodation of an extra child.  The middle bed is also relatively larger and wider. This way more people can fit easily in this bunk bed. The top-most bed has side railings along the edges to ensure that the child sleeping on the top bunk is safe from accidental falls.

This triple bunk bed comes with a vertical ladder which is used to get to the top bed. The lowest bed has wheels attached to all corners and can be rolled in and out when needed.


  • Metal frame ensures that the structure is long-lasting and can endure the forces of children jumping up and down on the beds.
  • Triple bed configuration allows for a lot more space for more children.
  • The larger middle bed helps to accommodate more people.
  • The wheels attached to the lowest bed help in easily rolling out the bed whenever it is required.
  • The guard railings on the topmost bed keep the person sleeping above safe from falling on either side.


  • A vertical ladder might be difficult for children to get used to. A slanted ladder would have been better for this configuration.
  • The metal frame limits the decoration the children can add to the bed.

Merax Double Bunk Bed

Merax Double Bunk Bed

This implementation of bunk beds is what is known as the best-of-all-worlds option. The entire structure is constructed using solid wood, pinewood, and plywood. It consists of two beds of different sizes. The topmost bed is a normal size.

The bottom bed is relatively larger than the top bed. It is made to accommodate more children. This implementation has more space than any simple bunk bed. The larger base bed also increases the stability of the entire structure and ensures that both the top and bottom beds do not vibrate or move under any circumstances.

The all-wood frame ensures stability even when children jump around in their beds. Access to the top bed is given through a slanted ladder that is easier to climb for children. The top bed also has guard railings on all sides of the bed so that a child does not accidentally fall off when moving around in their sleep. The white color of the bunk bed gives room for extra decorations that you, your child, or both together, can put on the bed. The white paint acts like a blank sheet that still has to be decorated.


  • It has a slanted ladder instead of a vertical ladder. A slanted ladder can be climbed like stairs whereas a vertical ladder is difficult for most children to climb.
  • A larger base for the bottom bed ensures secure stability for the entire structure. The extra legs at the bottom to accommodate the larger bed keep the structure stable when children play.


  • An extra bed could have been added that can be stored at the bottom.
  • The ladder is off the ground and may be difficult to reach for some children.

Merax Single Bunk Bed

Merax Single Bunk Bed

What sets this bunk bed apart is the extra features it provides within such suitable dimensions. While it is a single bunk bed, the added extra bed beneath the bottom bunk bed is undoubtedly the highlight of this product.

The structure is supported by a wooden frame that can withstand the forces applied by jumping kids. The color is light on the eyes and goes with the minimalistic design. There are guard railings along the sides of the top bed to prevent accidental falls during nap time. The bottom bed is the same size as the top bed. The base of the structure is all the way to the floor to ensure maximum support.

The third bed is stored within a compartment built into the structure. It can be stored inside when it is not needed and can be pulled out easily. The third bed is relatively smaller in terms of its width so it is most suitable for the youngest. Access to the top bunk is given through a vertical ladder.


  • It has three separate beds.
  • Guard rails along all sides of the top bed.
  • The third bed can be stored inside when not in use to reduce the occupied space in the room.


  • The vertical ladder can be difficult to climb for many children.
  • The third bed cannot hold a lot of weight so only the youngest child may be able to actually sleep there.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing a bunk bed for your children is an important and difficult decision. If you have a single child then you can limit your options to a few but for people with multiple children, the choice is not easy.

You have to take into account every aspect of your children’s needs. Safety is of utmost priority, especially for the top bed. In this guide, every configuration comes with guard railings so you do not have to worry about safety.

In the end, your decision rests on your understanding of the type of features your child wants and this guide can help you choose.