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​Is It Safe To Take Guardrails Off A Bunk Bed? It’s A Little Wobbly but Stable – Is It Safe To Sleep On?

Is It Safe To Take Guardrails Off A Bunk Bed

A bunk bed with no guardrails will pose a serious risk to whoever is sleeping up there. Your kid could fall while rolling in bed at night, but accidents may also occur during daytime. Falls can cause fractures, as well as more severe injuries.

Guardrails are installed on bunk beds for a reason – to protect kids from falling over and getting injured. They are not safe to remove from bunk beds, regardless of why you consider it – ugly color or just a design that fails to match the décor.

Even if you do manage to find a bed with no guardrails – not recommended, you should install them yourself. For health and safety, guardrails should be at least five inches above the mattress level – double-check the size upfront.

Keep in mind that guardrails have nothing to do with the bed’s safety. They represent a safety measure for your little one.

How do you stabilize a wobbly bunk bed?

Stabilizing a bunk bed is fairly simple if you like DIY projects. It should be a priority because serious injury can occur if the bed collapses while someone is on it or around it. There are more ways to do it yourself, though.

You could, for instance, brace the poles to make it more secure. Get a metallic rail around the top bed, yet you can also use wooden support. You can do it yourself or find it in commerce.

A metallic rail will not just affect the bed’s stability, but it will also prevent kids from falling – assuming the bed has no guardrails.

How do you know if a bunk bed is safe?

Double check the mattress foundation on the bunk bed before allowing your kids to sleep there. It must be sturdy and strong.

It is just as important to get a mattress in the perfect size. Regarding health and safety, you should not allow children under six to sleep on the top bunk bed.

Plus, accidents tend to occur when kids play around the ladder. Dangerous and sharp objects need to be removed too.

What height should bed rails be?

Different countries have different rules – taller is better, though. Generally speaking, the top edge of your guardrails should be about five inches above the mattress. Even if your kid tends to roll in bed and move all the time, this height will keep them there.

Of course, since the recommended height is based on the mattress, you should buy the mattress with the rail height in mind – or install appropriate rails later.

What are the two basic forms of bed rails?

Based on the type of bunk bed you purchase, there are two types of bed rails. Some of them are incorporated – many bunk beds come with built-in rails. It is a safety measure that most brands have adopted.

Older models may not have any rails, so the other type covers third-party rails. They are not specific to particular models, so you must install them yourself. Make sure they are sturdy and solid enough to prevent a kid from rolling out of bed.​