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How To Fit Full Size Mattress Into A Trundle Bed?

How To Fit Full Size Mattress Into A Trundle Bed?

The best way to figure out the best mattress for your trundle bed is to measure the bed – the internal size, between the frames. You can also check it on the shop’s official website. Buy the mattress according to this size.

If not sure what size mattress to fit on a trundle bed, keep in mind that whatever works for twin beds will most likely work for trundle beds too.

Buy blindly, and you may be surprised to find out that trundle beds are sometimes too small for standard-size mattresses.

If you have a full size mattress that fails to match the trundle bed, there is nothing you can do about it. You can only squeeze it to a specific limit, but this is pretty much it.

Some brands will advertise their mattresses to be for trundle beds. Other than that, based on the size, you might be able to fit full, queen, king or twin-size mattresses.

To keep it simple, always double-check measurements before committing to an investment – ideally, you should do it before buying both items.

What size mattress fits on a trundle bed?

Trundle bed mattresses come in more sizes. Most of them are in twin sizes, but you can also find twin XL mattresses and even full mattresses. If you want a full size mattress, make sure the trundle bed is large enough to take it.

Generally speaking, most trundle beds – like daybeds – rely on twin mattresses. You can find bigger sizes, of course, but they need to match.

Can you use any mattress on a trundle bed?

There is no such thing as a standard size when it comes to trundle beds. Unless you find a bundle with a matching bed and mattress, you will need to double-check sizes before purchasing one thing or another.

For example, you can find twin, full, queen, or king trundle beds. Apart from the width and length, the mattress for a trundle bed should also be a bit thinner than regular mattresses, as it needs to fit underneath the bed on top.

Can you use a foam mattress on a trundle bed?

You can use any type of mattress on a trundle bed, as long as it matches the width, length, and height – keep in mind that mattresses for trundle beds are thinner than regular mattresses. This means foam mattresses can also be used on trundle beds – whether infused with gel or other types.

If the size is correct, there is nothing to be concerned about.

What is the point of a trundle bed?

The trundle bed is compact and sits very low to the ground – it is normally stored under another bed. Think about a couch that can be converted into a bed, and the concept is pretty similar, only you will need to install a mattress as well.

The design aims to save room and allows people to have guests, even if they cannot accommodate them in a spare room – convenient and good-looking.​