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How to Find the Best Low Bunk Beds for Kids – Top 3 Options Reviewed

How to Find the Best Low Bunk Beds for Kids – Top 3 Options Reviewed

Whether you are worried about safety or your youngest is too small to climb on a classic bunk bed, low bunk beds for kids represent an actual trend these days, and for some good reasons. Not only are they safer, but you do not need to go up to the ceiling.

The last thing you want is writings on the ceiling, dirt, or even a broken lamp. However, most parents would stick to the low design for safety standards. They can reach kids easily, and kids can go down without too much hassle – fewer accidents, fewer problems.

Our range of low loft bunk beds for kids is quite varied, but just like you have probably figured already, some items sell better than others. Here are our most popular releases, as well as what makes them stand out – making an informed decision has never been easier.

Our Picks

1. Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed With Slide & Ladder

Whether you like having sleepovers, lack space, or have more kids, this is one of our best-selling low bunk beds for kids twin over twin white. Built with high-quality materials for strength and durability, it will not pose any risks whatsoever and can successfully pass the test of time.

Unlike other bunk beds, our design has a clean and smooth silhouette, which also boasts elegance with its appearance. What we tried to achieve is a bunk bed that will work wonders in all kinds of environments – from contemporary homes to old-school classic décors.


  • Available in both white and gray
  • Functional, aesthetic, and space-efficient for small bedrooms
  • Made from solid pine wood and MDF boards
  • Solid guardrails for safety
  • Features both a ladder and a slide for fun
  • Mattresses are not included
  • Measures 79.5x85x51.1 inches
  • Weighs 104 pounds
  • Weight capacity of 175 pounds for the upper bed
  • 275 pounds for the lower bed
  • 14 slats for the upper bed
  • 7 slats for the lower bed
  • No box spring required
  • Must be assembled

2. Solid Wood Low Loft Bed with Attached Bookcases

This is one of the best-selling low bunk beds for kids and can successfully combine bedtime, playtime, and studying time. It is a perfect station for your little ones and features all kinds of extras to ensure a fun and comfortable experience – loads of storage for all kinds of things.

It has a classic design but modern improvements and a clean silhouette. Despite being a low full over full bunk bed for kids, this unit makes good use of space and can even save more floor storage from the bedroom. It is built with quality in mind and the right features for convenience.


  • Comes in gray or white
  • Solid ladder for safety
  • Comes with a slide
  • Slide and ladder are adjustable
  • Full length guardrail
  • Comes with a three drawer cabinet that can also be used as a nightstand
  • Two tier storage shelves – one under a bed and one on a side
  • Made of solid pine wood and MDF boards
  • No box spring needed
  • Easy to put together
  • Measures 78.2×41.4×42.2 inches
  • Each bed measures 78.2×41.4 inches
  • Weighs 187 pounds
  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • Mattresses are not included

3. Full Over Full Metal Low Bunk Beds with Ladder

Looking for a low metal bunk bed for kids? Search no more. This unit sells so well for some good reasons. It is compact, well put together, sturdy and solid, but it takes little to no space – no bulky parts to take up unnecessary floor space. The low metal bunk bed for kids is also designed with quality in mind.

The metallic construction will last for ages. But at the same time, despite its simplicity, this bed does what it is supposed to do – provide a comfortable experience to your little ones. Value for money is a must when shopping for low loft bunk beds for kids, and you just cannot go wrong with this model.


  • Available in white, black, and silver
  • Sturdy metallic frame construction
  • Compact and simplistic design
  • Solid ladder for safety
  • Full length guardrail for safety
  • Easy to put together – all the tools and instructions included in the package
  • Measures 77.1×55.9×53.7 inches
  • Just over 50 inches in height
  • 250-pound weight capacity for the upper bed
  • 350 pounds for the lower bed
  • Mattress not included in the package

What makes our low bunk beds for kids stand out

Whether you are after a low metal bunk bed for kids or you prefer a classic wooden construction, we provide both options. No matter what you are after, expect a high-quality design that will last forever as long as you look after it – basic maintenance, of course.

Some of our models are quite simplistic and do the basics only – great if you are after a lower price. Some others come with extra storage or even adjustable and detachable parts – great for a bit of variety or the possibility to store some books and toys.

The actual design has always been a priority for us, but not without quality and performance in mind. Each model features high safety standards, whether you think about the materials, ladder and slide, guardrails, or other similar considerations.

We know how important it is for people to see furniture matching the rest of the décor, so we offer more options for each bed. The flawless simplicity ensures our beds can look great in contemporary and traditional décors.

But at the same time, you will also find a few different colors to choose from. Interested in giving your bunk bed a different look after a while? Whether wood or metal, you can easily paint it in whatever color combination you prefer.

Given the size of our beds, we cannot ship them assembled. All parts are included in the package though. We also include the tools required for the operation (nothing major) and crystal clear instructions – no experience required whatsoever, but a great fun activity to enjoy with your kids.

Quality, style, and a good price – we know that everyone shops with value for money in mind, which is what we try to provide. Our beds require minimum maintenance and will last for ages – chances are you will never have to make a similar investment again.

None of those mentioned above beds comes with a mattress – we do make some recommendations, though, mostly in terms of size and thickness. At the end of the day, the final decision will always belong to the buyer.

As a short conclusion, you could be after low bunk beds for kids twin over twin white, simplistic wood-based beds, or low full over full bunk bed for kids with extra features – our range has something for everyone, regardless of your budget, design preferences or kids’ needs.

Our top-selling products have specific particularities that make them stand out in the crowd – after all, different people have different expectations. We offer more designs and colors to match every décor, ensuring quality will never disappoint.

At the same time, we strive to keep prices under major shopping websites, while the free shipping special offer can make a difference at the checkout. To make it even better, use the code “5off” to get $5 off your order.