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Choosing the Best Triple Bunk Bed for Kids – 2022’s Top 3 Options Revealed

Choosing the Best Triple Bunk Bed for Kids – 2022’s Top 3 Options Revealed

Triple sleeper bunks are similar in design to traditional bunk beds but come with a few extra advantages – the possibility of having a double sleeping area. The setup is excellent for families with limited space and bedrooms without enough floor space to house their beds.

Based on the design, some cheap triple bunk beds for kids also allow using the top bed separately or independently. This type of design allows even more setups. Making a decision can be tricky with so many options out there.

While we believe that what works for some people will not necessarily work for everyone else, we recommend doing your homework upfront. Here are some of the best beds in our range and what makes them stand out in the crowd.

Our Picks:

1. Metal Twin Size Triple Bunk Bed with Built-In Long Ladder and Slide

This triple bunk bed for kids allows you to fill up space vertically, rather than horizontally. It saves plenty of space and relies on three tiers to create a modern and attractive sleeping environment. Based on quality materials, it is designed to last and provide a fun experience for your little ones.

Weight-bearing will never be an issue due to the steel slat design for each bed. Moreover, it comes with a slide, which makes this sleeping option even more fun. Not only is it practical, but the bed is also safe and space-efficient.


  • Available in silver or black
  • Full-length guardrail for safety
  • Low bunk design for space efficiency
  • Comes with both a ladder and a slide
  • Easy to put together
  • Metallic construction
  • Measures 78×41.3×78.7 inches
  • Bed measures 74.8×39 inches
  • Weighs 136.5 pounds
  • 200 pound, 250 pound and 350-pound capacity for the top, middle, and bottom, beds, respectively.
  • Mattress must be purchased separately

2. Wooden House Twin Over Twin Over Twin Triple Bunk Bed with Twin Size Trundle

This is our most versatile triple bunk bed for kids, and not only does it save space and provides lots of fun for your kids – or perhaps their overnight guests. It is finished in a funky color that will match pretty much any type of décor. The design stands out and can even pull out the fourth bed.

Made of high-quality wooden materials, the bed will last for ages if well looked after. It comes with guardrails for extra safety, and its height guarantees the possibility of filling up any space. This is by far one of our best sellers, mostly because of its innovative design and extra bed.


• Available in gray, espresso, and white
• Suitable for up to four people
• No spring box required
• Extremely versatile due to the twin-size trundle
• Based on high-quality pine wood and MDF boards
• Protective guardrails to prevent falls
• Each bed measures 76×39 inches
• Measures 123.9×75.1×88.8 inches altogether
• Weighs 213 pounds altogether
• 175 pounds weight capacity for the upper bed and trundle
• 275 pounds for the bottom bed
• Partially assembled, but includes clear instructions and all the required tools
• Mattress must be purchased separately

3. Full Over Twin & Twin Bunk Bed With Drawers

This is one of our top-rated triple twin bunk beds, for obvious reasons. A simple look at it makes this three bunk bed an innovation in terms of style and design – two beds at the bottom and a crossing one at the top, with a superb built-in ladder, lots of storage, and plenty of fun.

You get three beds to take over the floor space of one large bed, which is excellent for small bedrooms. A few drawers for extra storage and solid and well-balanced construction keep your little ones safe – moreover, this three-bunk bed is just as handy if you have guests over.


  • Available in a modern gray design
  • Innovative style to save space and add to the beauty of your bedroom
  • Based on high-quality and durable pine wood, as well as MDF boards
  • Good space-saving design
  • Three drawers for storage – one under each bottom bed and another one between them
  • Must be assembled, but instructions are clear, and tools are included in the package
  • Spring box not required
  • Measures 99.4x99x70 inches with all drawers out
  • Top bed measures 53.3×95.6 inches
  • Each bottom bed measures 39.2×76 inches
  • 70 inches in height
  • 14 upper bed slats
  • Seven slats for each bottom bed
  • Weighs 251 pounds
  • Each bed has a total weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Mattress must be purchased separately

What makes our triple twin bunk beds stand out

Style is what makes our cheap triple bunk beds for kids and adults stand out in the crowd, although we will never sacrifice performance and utility for good looks. However, we have managed to find solutions that add to the stability of the actual bed, as well as the style of the bedroom.

Some of our beds have a modern L-shaped design. Some others are designed like a square, not to mention the one with a pull-out trundle, which turns into a fourth bed. Some others come with extra storage – basically, no matter what you are after, chances are this range will satisfy your needs.

Again, we never sacrifice quality and performance for good looks. You can find a triple bunk bed metal, as well as solid wood alternatives. Whether you are after triple bunk beds for 2 kids or triple bunk beds for 3 kids, you can leave them in good hands with our quality designs.

Furthermore, some of the beds are designed with further uses in mind. When you have guests over, we know that not all of them will be kids. Some of the beds can take up to 400 pounds in weight. Moreover, you can have adults sleeping in our beds with no issues whatsoever.

We take health and safety very seriously and never overlook them for design or style. While bottom beds are naturally safe, we add secure guardrails for those on top, only to prevent unfortunate accidents – whether they occur while playing or sleeping.

What we aim for is value for money. The triple bunk beds for two or even three kids come with high-quality standards, a design that beats time, and a good price.

As a short conclusion, the bunk mentioned above beds represents the best selling items in our range and for some good reasons. They will not disappoint in terms of looks, quality, safety, or durability. They are ideal for both kids and adults.

Prices are slightly lower compared to what you can find on shopping websites such as Amazon, but the free shipping can seriously add to your savings. Moreover, there is a $5 discount if you use the code “5off” during the checkout process.

Just like any other piece of furniture you might need, we recommend taking correct measurements to ensure your bed goes in.