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Best 4 Minnie Mouse Toddler Beds in 2016

Mini Mouse

Buying a toddler bed is one of the major concerns for recent parents. Several factors work behind successfully buying a toddler bed. For instance, you need to mind the size of the bed so that the kid doesn’t fall off. Also, you need to ensure whether it has a canopy or not. The color of the bed is another concern because excessively big flower designs on the bed may not be attractive to your child. The toddler bed needs to be attractive so that children prefer to stay in it. This is why a Minnie mouse design is a safe bet. While the cartoon character is colorful, it’s also alluring to your kids. In this article, we will discuss several Toddler beds Minnie mouse s so that you can make a well-informed decision.

1. Delta Children MySize Toddler Bed

Delta Toddler bed Minnie mouse
Delta Toddler bed Minnie mouse

This toddler bed is one from the range of Delta Toddler bed Minnie mouse. The beautiful Disney graphics are sure to attract the children. The sturdy wood construction of the bed is quite helpful since it will keep the child safe inside. The sides are elevated and the bottom is low to the ground. Both these features come in handy when you consider its benefits. While elevated sides offer greater protection, low bottom ensures that the child can get into it on its own. You can easily clean the footboard with a dry wipe since it’s made of wood.

The best part?

One side of the bed has a clock. Therefore you can teach the child to learn to watch the clock and days with such a beautiful graphic. And who doesn’t know that fun learning is the best learning? The beautiful design around the clock will help the children learn on their own and with greater ease. With 53.25 inches length, 28.75 inches width, and 19 inches height, the toddler bed is ideally designed for children over 15 months.


The sturdy wood construction makes the bed perfect for the children to ensure their safety and security. The design is attractive and also user-friendly. Because the bed contains a clock that allows your kid to learn the day and time as a fun activity. And the children’s brains remain fertile at this moment. Therefore he or she can learn quite effortlessly.


Nothing as such.

2. Disney Mickey Mouse Deluxe Toddler Bed with Attached Guardrails

Disney Mickey Mouse Deluxe Toddler Bed
Disney Mickey Mouse Deluxe Toddler Bed with Attached Guardrails

This colorful and vibrant toddler bed is a modern variation of the age-old comfortable toddler beds. The low mattress height makes it easier for the children to crawl into it or exit from it on their own. Therefore it renders independence to them. The Minnie mouse design is further attractive for them to stay on the bed. The attached guardrails are extremely effective in keeping the children safe and secure especially during the night or when you are not around.

The toddler bed is also a comfortable place to ensure sound sleep. The bed is made of sturdy plastic that adds more to the durability of the bed.

The manufacturer mentions the recommended age of the users to be 15+ months. The headboard and footboard, other than the guardrails are made of strong material to ensure the child’s safety. This single feature can make the toddler bed stand out among the rest because you can’t compromise the security and protection of the child.


The mattress is lower enough to impart greater independence to the children so that they can easily enter or exit the bed. The guardrails, headboard, and footboard ensure security for your child. The prominent Minnie mouse design is attractive and popular among the kids. Therefore, the Disney Toddler bed Minnie mouse can cater to the demands of both the parents and the children.


The fact that you need to buy the mattress separately may not satisfy the buyers.

3. Minnie Mouse Delta Canopy Toddler Bed for Children’s Products

Minnie Mouse Delta Canopy Toddler Bed
Delta Children’s Products Minnie Mouse Canopy Toddler Bed

This canopy Toddler bed Minnie mouse is designed with a beautiful pink and purple color palette that features both Daisy duck and Minnie mouse. The sheen canopy with cute ribbon ties further attracts the kids. The removable side rails offer greater user experience because you can choose to remove them or attach them as per requirement. For instance, you can keep the rails attached when the child is inside it so as to offer security, and when you need to clean the bed, you can remove it for easy handling.

That the bed meets every safety standard of JPMA is an advantage for the buyers.


The removable side rails are helpful for both the children and the parents. Because you can attach the rails when the child is sleeping in it so as to keep him or her safe. Again, you can remove the rails while cleaning the bed. The canopy with Minnie mouse ribbon tie adds more to the cuteness of the bed and makes the toddler bed a favorite one among the kids. No more do you have to persuade the child to stay on the bed.


If your child is extremely naughty, he or she may tear down the canopy. It may affect the beauty of the product.

4. Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed, Disney Minnie Mouse

Delta Children 3D Footboard Toddler Bed
Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed, Disney Minnie Mouse

The toddler bed features a Mickey mouse and his entire group. The three-dimensional footboard offers a 3d model of Mickey’s face which is attractive to the kids. The colorful bed is sure to enhance the overall appeal of the room. It is recommended for kids with 50 lbs weight. Your kid is safe inside this sturdy steel and plastic bed. 


The two guardrails offer security to the children. The bed can accommodate a crib mattress to ensure comfortable sleeping. Made of quality plastic and metal frame, the bed is lightweight yet sturdy.


The fact that you have to buy the mattress separately may not be agreeable to the customers. Now that you know all the various types of Mickey Mouse toddler beds, it’s time to buy the perfect one and offer a pleasant surprise for your living doll at home.

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