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Best Daybed with Trundle For Toddler and Kids

Daybed with Trundle

One of the most exhausting jobs is furnishing your home. This is especially true when you’re looking for furniture for your kids. You’re tired of searching and finding the same variety of products everywhere. Everything that suits your particular needs is priced so high that you would rather just cut the wood and build it yourself.

Well, we’ve got just the thing for you: at Cool Toddler Beds, we bring you a variety of beds. The items are very affordable, and we promise a fast delivery. Your most prized product is your kids, and our most precious product is the relationship we develop with you. So allow us to offer you a wholesome shopping experience.

  1. Extending Wooden Daybed - Twin Daybed with Trundle White
  2. Daybed with Trundle Frame Set - Twin Daybed with Trundle Wood Frame
  3. Captain's Twin Daybed - Twin Daybed with Trundle and Storage
  4. Full-Size Daybed - Full Daybed with Trundle

If you’re furnishing a small living space, you have constraints on what you can choose to make your home functional without having it appear cramped. Maybe you’re someone who likes multipurpose furniture simply because it is multipurpose! Perhaps the minimalist in you is taking charge, and you want to adopt a less is more kind of lifestyle. Whatever your reasons, we’re here to provide you with the means to fulfill your bedding requirements while remaining within budget. Don’t worry. You’ll still find yourself becoming indecisive because of the variety of products we offer. Here is a small guide on the daybeds you will discover at Cool Toddler Beds to help you.

1. Extending Wooden Daybed

If you are specifically looking for a bed for your kids room, we’ve got the perfect item for you. You can place our Extending Wooden Daybed in a small room without having to worry about the room appearing crowded.

However, what’s more important than appearances is your child’s well-being and happiness. All this could suffer if their room does not offer a cozy, homely, but spacious environment. This product will allow you to give them just that.


  1. This unit is priced at a reasonable $340 and offers extra sleeping space through its pull-out trundles. Its bonus feature is that there are two trundles within it, which allow it to expand from a twin-sized bed to a king-sized bed.
  2. The structure is built in solid pine wood, giving it structural integrity. It has a plywood and MDF finish, giving it a very modern feel.
  3. You have two choices of color, white and gray.
  4. With weight capacities of 275lb and 175lb for the bed and the trundles, respectively, this bed will form a practical addition to your home.


  • Not only is it perfect for your kids’ sleepovers, but it can also come in handy if you have a lot of guests over for the night and can’t figure out where to accommodate them.
  • The structure is built in solid pine wood, giving it structural integrity.
  • It has a plywood and MDF finish, giving it a very modern feel.
  • None of the beds need any box springs.


  • The binary color choice might be a little restrictive in that it gives the unit a pastel appearance. However, the good thing is that both of these colors can go with most themes you could pick for your kids  room and could help ground an otherwise rainbowed room.
  • This daybed could mean some additional work because of its two trundles, as the top trundle would need its mattress removed before you can push back in. Still, the extra space is probably well worth it, as you could pull out the lower trundle when you don’t need all that space.

2. Daybed with Trundle Frame Set

If you want something a little more versatile and portable, something that would bring some gravity to the room, you might want to check out the Daybed with Trundle Frame Set. It has a very clean-cut form, which gives it an artistic appeal. It appears very modern but has a traditional touch to it as well.


  1. Priced at just $280, it is a frugal purchase, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less.
  2. On top of the white and gray options, it presents an espresso-colored choice as well.
  3. This bed offers a twin-sized main bed with another twin-sized trundle that pulls out to a bed slightly lower than the main bed.
  4. Its solid wood construction is of top-notch quality, guaranteed to last a long time.
  5. Its robust structure allows it to support 250lb each on the bed and the trundle.


  • The espresso color option makes the unit suitable for any setting and would make an aesthetic sofa as well.
  • It would be a great purchase if you want to offer extra sleeping space to adult guests as you could easily place this in the living room, and it would blend perfectly.
  • If you want to place it in your kids room, the unit will fit well there, too, in its gray or white colors.
  • You can put away the trundle without worrying about the mattress on top, as it will slide underneath the bed.
  • Like all our beds, this one also does not need any box spring. Whether you place it in your kids room or your living room, you will find that it has much to offer.


  • One potential factor you should consider is that the unit does have a bulkier feel, especially in the white and gray options. However, the ease of using this unit and its sturdiness justifies this.

3. Captain’s Twin Daybed

Another option you’ll find here is the Captain’s Twin Daybed. This one is a very functional unit that offers extra sleeping space and storage space.


  1. It is priced at $430.
  2. The unit has a twin-sized main bed and a trundle bed of the same size.
  3. The trundle bed’s exterior has two rows of three drawers each, one of which is pseudo and hosts the trundle bed, while the other offers storage.
  4. It has a very traditional feel to it because of the high head- and footboards. Its frame is also a unique cottage style one, which can help you make any space a little cozier – perfect for a room with a fireplace!
  5. It also offers three different colors: white, espresso, and walnut.


  • The walnut option offers a beautiful, regal-looking unit that would make any space look welcoming.
  • The storage feature makes this a smart purchase when you have guests over, as it will provide them an easy way of storing their luggage. This is thus very convenient for running short on space, as it offers a three-in-one deal.
  • This structure is also sturdier and more stable than the other ones, with the bed and trundle each capable of supporting 300lb.
  • As with all the other units here, there is no need for a box spring.


  • At $430, it is a bit on the higher side of the price curve, but its additional storage feature gives a reason for the price tag.
  • It has the appearance of a bed, and so you might not be able to use it in place of a sofa.

4. Full-Size Daybed

Finally, we also have the Full-Size Daybed, which provides a unique product.


  1. It has a pretty reasonable price tag of $386.
  2. It is made of solid pinewood with a plywood veneer and paint finish.
  3. It has the main bed and a trundle bed, both twin-sized, it offers sleeping space for two people.
  4. It also has a variable pattern of bars in its rails, making it appear more spacious and gives the room a lighter feel. The bars are thin, which gives this piece an exquisite look.
  5. It is available in white and espresso colors, and the espresso tone enhances the elegance to a whole another level.
  6. The bed structure is stable – the main bed can support 300lb of weight, while the trundle can support 175lb.


  • It can fully function as a sofa because of its three-sided rails – head- and a footboard, and one on its long edge.
  • It also comes with a warranty of 1 year. The trundle can be pushed in with the mattress, making this easy and accessible in use.
  • No box springs are required for setting this bed up. This bed looks sophisticated in any setting and would be a graceful addition to your home.


  • The white option restricts the options for placing this bed. However, It would create a lovely environment if you wanted to put it in your kids room, as it would go well with a pastel-colored climate.

The best part of shopping with us is that we cater to all whims and fancies. Our pieces range from traditional looking to modern, minimalist ones. Most of all, we value convenience – all of our products are easy to assemble and offer comfort and style. We guarantee the best prices- better than you will find in amazon and walmart or any other shops and fast delivery to your doorstep, so you and your family can enjoy comfortable living without the hassle.