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Best Daybed With Storage in

Best Daybed Sith Storage For Kids

Cool Toddler Beds don’t just consider toddlers. Outside of its primary and majority niche market, they also consider your older children and yourselves as well so then all of your bed shopping needs can be met in one place.

When it comes to beds that can be used as a sofa to relax on, for reclining, or even for some degree of storage during the day, daybeds are ideal. Designed to save space and to blend in with the aesthetic of just about any room that you can think of, the range of daybeds available is bound to fit just about every purpose and budget.

Product 1 – Twin Size Daybed with Inseparable 2 Drawers

Elegant and classic, this twin size daybed is made of pine wood and MDF, making it durable and sturdy. With a timeless design that will last through the years including two drawers under the bed for storage, this simple yet versatile daybed is ideal for those looking to balance space saving with comfort. With a smooth finish, it can even be painted to fit the theme of the room if the color options of espresso, gray and white don’t suit – adding even more to the adaptability and simplicity of this design. With guardrails on three sides with both horizontal and vertical slats, this bed is comfortable and safe all in one for maximum comfort.

What’s more, the smooth surface of the wood means that it is exceptionally easy to clean. All you’ve got to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. This is ideal if it is being used in a room or by kids who are likely to get it grubby, making the task of tidying up even easier. 


  • H 26.9” – W 41.9” – L 76”
  • Available in espresso, gray and white
  • 2 drawers for storage

Product 2 – Wood Daybed with Three Drawers, Twin Size

Suited for use as either a sofa to recline on during the day or as a bed at night, this daybed is bound to suit those who like to be able to change the use of their space throughout the day. With an anti-shake design, it can even withstand being the focus of play and to add to that, it is noiseless as well. The wide boards and strong bed legs add to its robust frame. With three drawers, it is ideal for storage and this saves on the use of more space for tidying away things. There are even handholds on the drawer to make accessing them easier. Compact and concise, we found it to be moderately easy to assemble. 


  • H 45.4” – W 42.7” – L 80.5”
  • Can be purposed as either a sofa or a bed
  • Three drawers for storage

Product 3 – Captain’s Bed Twin Daybed with Trundle Bed and Storage Drawers

Inspired by the beds slept in at sea in recent centuries where making the best use of the space available was at the forefront of the mind of those designing and living in limited dimensions, Captain’s beds are built so then the bed itself is slightly sunk into a shallow box-like framework. This daybed comes with a trundle hidden by mock upper drawers. For reference should this be the first time you’ve come across this word, a trundle is another bed that is lower to the ground that is able to be slotted underneath the main bed.

Here at Cool Toddler Beds, the maker has integrated the trundle into the design so then at first glance, you’d never even know it was there.  This daybed is ideal for those accommodating sleepovers or guests. A trundle provides them with something sturdier and more comfortable than a camp bed or a sleeping bag on the floor. It is able to fit a range of room aesthetics and is available in espresso, walnut and white. That said, as with all of our beds, with the right paint you can customize it after purchase to suit the room you are putting it in.


  • H 35.75” – W 43.5” – L 76”
  • Trundle bed hidden by mock upper drawers
  • Three drawers in the trundle itself

All of the beds described here come with clear instructions on how to assemble them. All tools and appropriate hardware are also provided.  No mattresses are provided.

We’ve given all of the beds detailed here a trial run before writing this guide so then we can describe them true to form.  Remember, when it comes to buying beds, experimenting can be fun. There is no need to go for the first bed that you happen to come across. Keep your options open and you may be surprised as to what you finally decide on.

While not recommended given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one thing that we used to do before would be to see what beds friends and family were using when we visited. This allowed us to get up close and personal with the different varieties out there so then we had a better idea in our heads of what would work for us and for the space we were wanting to fill.

Before getting to the browsing and purchasing stages, as with all types of bed, you need to first consider the constraints of the space that you are in and your budget. You should measure the dimensions of the room you are going to put the daybed with storage in.

When it comes to the bed’s construction material, for the daybeds presented here, they are all predominantly made of wood. Wood is sturdy but it can be quite cumbersome once the bed itself is fully constructed, which is important to remember if you are putting the bed together by yourself. The only downside of wood in general is that it can come with rough edges that may need to be sanded down either with a tool or manually. Another easily adjusted to detractor of wood in the case of our beds is that they are all measured manually. This results in a small margin of error being possible which can cause minor problems when putting it together. This can be fixed easily with a little DIY by padding any gaps with filler. This is still something to bear in mind when purchasing and constructing.

Metal has a sleek finish and a modern look but it will begin to squeak and creak as it ages. Unlike wood however, it doesn’t run the risk of splintering and it is significantly long-lasting.

Buying With Us – The Benefits

When it comes to buying from us, there are many upsides if you choose Cool Toddler Beds as your go-to store.

We are the lowest cost bunk bed providers out there. Home Depot, Amazon and Wayfair, among others – you name a store and we can confidently guarantee that we can beat them for price. 

Regardless of what product you buy from our store, all shipping is only $5. No hefty handling fees here! Shipping is free if you spend over $500 with the coupon code 5OFF. On top of that, our massive warehouse is based in the US so you won’t have a long wait like you would with international orders. All products are guaranteed shipped within 8 – 10 days from placing the order.


With your needs and preferences foremost in mind, when it comes to buying a new bunk bed for your toddler, Cool Toddler Beds has got you covered for any room, theme and needs.