Full Review and Comparison of the Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler Twin Bed

1. Introduce Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler Twin Bed

little tikes jeep toddler bed

Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler To Twin Bed

There’s plenty of fantastic options out there when it comes to picking a good kid’s bed, with many of those options coming from Little Tikes. They’ve been a popular manufacturer of kid’s furniture for a good number of years now and we’d argue that this is one of the best products in their range. It’s designed to look like a traditional Jeep vehicle and we’re pretty confident that it does a great job.

Lovers of Jurassic Park and dinosaurs in general will adore the design of this bed, it’ll definitely make them feel like they’re roaming across the land. What’s more, there isn’t many car beds out there that use this sort of design, so it’s a fresh take on what we’ve already seen.

2. What we love about this bed?

There’s a lot to love when it comes to this Little Tikes jeep wrangler toddler bed. If you’re sitting on the fence when it comes to buying it for your child, we’ve put together some key points as to the things we love about this bed.

Design – Arguably the most important aspect of this bed and the thing that we love about it, design. As we’ve already mentioned, this kid’s bed is designed to look and feel like a classic red Jeep and we feel it does a very good job at that. It even comes included with two working trail lights and a reading light that turns off automatically. These are only a couple of the great design features that put this bed on the next level when it comes to build quality. We can’t express enough how well designed this product from Little Tikes is.

Storage Space – There’s no arguing the fact that beds take up an awful lot of space in a bedroom and what does that mean? It means less storage space for toys, books etc. Thankfully, this bed includes a number of compartments designed to provide an extra dose of storage space, perfect for smaller bedrooms.

little tikes car bed

this light with this car can close.

Functionality – When it comes to functionality, we absolutely love the fact that this bed allows you to use your current mattress. There’s no need to invest in a specialist mattress for the bed, the standard mattress will do the job just fine. This is especially great to see considering some unique beds like this require a special mattress.

3. Reviews of the Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler To Twin Bed

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4. FAQs

Q: Is this strong enough to build downstairs, then move up?
A: Yes,it’s smart & sturdy construction.

Q: Is there any other colors available?
A: No.

Q: Does it has mattress with it?What size mattress does the bed fit?
A: No.It fits a twin sized mattress.

Q: What is it made of?
A: Plastic

Q: What’s the dimension of it? and is it heavy?
A: 90 x 52.7 x 56.8 inches.It’s pretty heavy, 90 pounds.

Q: What’s the dimension of the shipping box?
A: Roughly about 8′ x 4′ x 3′.

Q: What age is appropriate to use this bed up until?
A: 2-6 years old.

5. Alternative Product: Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed

little tikes sports car twin bed

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed in Blue

As we’ve already mentioned, Little Tikes range of kid’s beds is one of the most extensive of any brand on the market. Another great alternative is this Little Tikes Race Car Toddler Bed in blue. Obviously the biggest difference about this bed is the fact that it’s based around a race car, in comparison to the Jeep theme of our aforementioned product. Because of this race car aesthetic, the bed is also considerably more expensive.

Which one of these products you choose depends on a couple of things. The first thing is style, if your kid is more interested in racing, this is the one to go with. However, price will also pay a large part in your decision, given the fact that this bed costs an awful lot more.

6. Final Thoughts

In our time reviewing the different kid’s beds available on the market, this is the only one we’ve come across based around a Jeep. It’s certainly a unique product and one that any child who loves dinosaurs and exploration in general will love. It’s also considerably cheaper than you might think, especially in comparison to other products like the Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed. You could save yourself some money with this Jeep option.

Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler To Twin Bed

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