Fire Truck Toddler Bed

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  1. Introduce KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed
  2. What we love about this bed?
  3. Reviews of the Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler To Twin Bed
  4. FAQs
  5. Alternative Product:Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed
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1. Introduce Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler Twin Bed

KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed

KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed

Leaving behind the excitement of the day and getting ready for bed can sometimes be a bit of a struggle for the parents of young children. The KidKraft Fire Truck Bed for toddlers makes this problem a thing of the past. Instead of dragging your child away from the activity they are enjoying, bedtime becomes an engaging and imaginative experience! This bed adds a whimsical décor to your toddler’s room, while maintaining all the sturdiness and safety of a regular child’s bed.

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2. What we love about this bed?

First Impressions:

When I first received the product, I was struck by its bright colours and the quality of its components. More importantly, my toddler was also taken with it, and could not wait to have his new fire truck bed set up.


The KidKraft fire truck bed is a great, easy way to add a theme to your child’s bedroom. The silk-screened details are engaging and the bed grabs your toddler’s attention with its colours and shape while still including functional features that are essential in a child’s bed.


Of course, while being a fun zone for my child, it’s also important that his bed should also make bedtime easier for me, the parent. The Fire Truck bed passes this requirement with flying colors! The safety rails are cleverly painted as ladders, which let him use his imagination during hours of fun and pretend while still keeping him safe in bed while he is asleep. It also includes a storage compartment for bedding, toys, or clothes, helping me to organize my child’s room. The fire truck bed is also a perfect size, fitting all standard sizes of crib mattress. This facilitates the transition from crib to bed, and eliminates the need to go shopping for costly and difficult-to-find accessories.

Build Quality:

The KidKraft Fire Truck Bed is made from sturdy wood and does not sacrifice quality for looks; it is as robust as it is attractive! It is easy and convenient to assemble, even for one person. The directions are clear and the required tools were already ones I had around the house. While this bed is solid and durable for young toddlers, it may be less suitable for older, heavier children given that it is approved to support up to 50lbs.


This bed is incredibly cost effective at the low price of $180.90 on Amazon, and it is worth every penny! You are paying for a good quality piece of furniture that serves as a play area as well as a bed for your toddler!

3. Reviews of KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed

4. FAQs

Q: Is this strong enough to build downstairs, then move up?
A: Yes,it’s smart & sturdy construction.

Q: Is there any other colors available?
A: No.

Q: Does it has mattress with it?What size mattress does the bed fit?
A: No.It fits a twin sized mattress.

Q: What is it made of?
A: Plastic

Q: What’s the dimension of it? and is it heavy?
A: 59.2 x 28.8 x 21 inches. 42 pounds.

Q: What age is appropriate to use this bed up until?
A: 24 months – 6 years old.

5. Final Verdict

I would highly recommend the KidKraft Fire Truck Bed to any parent of a toddler. While adding a charming appeal to my child’s bedroom and captivating his imagination for hours of fun and play, it also put my mind at ease knowing that he was sleeping safe at night in a sturdy bed. It helped me decorate my toddler’s room thematically, while still keeping things easy to organize. Finally, the Fire Truck bed was easy to assemble and easy on my bank account making it an all-around great purchase!